Dad’s Place Website Launch 31.10.2015

It is my great pleasure to announce the imminent launch of Dad’s place, the soon to be no.1 destination for unique and memorable gifts for dads and loved ones.

It is a privilege to have a great dad. It is a privilege to have a role model you respect and perhaps even more importantly who respects you.  To have a dad who supports and guides you with unrelenting pride is a gift. It’s a gift that I had and a gift that I will cherish forever.

Dad’s place is launched in memory of my late father and will house an eclectic selection of his favourite things.  My dad was also a talented photographer and printer, supplying Morwenna Photography in Bude for many years.  Doubtless even I would be surprised by the number of people who have a piece of Dad’s work hanging on their wall.

It’s an honour to soon be able to share dad’s images with you through the dad’s place website and to be able to place them onto canvas and print for you so that his work can continue to be enjoyed.  Dad, like most great people was largely unaware of his talent and at times overwhelmed by peoples love of his work. It’s our mission to show people dad’s breath- taking images and to share his passion.  We will also be able to print personal images. Something we are incredibly excited about because that was the area of dad’s work which gave him most joy.

Thanks to dad’s love of life, adrenaline filled pass times and wicked, at times childish sense of humour, we are able to stock gifts which reflect our memories of a truly great dad.

As well as Dad’s images, we will stock motorbike memorabilia, mega mugs, unique greetings cards, old school music, t-shirts, personalised gifts and more. Whether it’s a gift for a birthday, father’s day, or a gift that says something your words cannot, dad’s place will have it all.

Dad's Place Logo

Dad’s Place – Perfect gifts for dad’s

Dad’s places launches on October 31st 2015 and we are confident that you will find a gift which reflects your dad or loved one.  We hope that your gift is received with the love and warmth with which it was purchased and that it creates treasured memories for all.

Here’s to memories….

Website Launch Competition

Dad’s place is running a competition through The Dad’s Place Facebook page, if you like our page and its post, leaving a comment of dad’s place, you can win the picture within the post, or a free 12*16 inch canvas print of a personal image. Sharing the post/page is not a prerequisite to winning our competition but they do say sharing is caring.

The competition’s winner will be announced on the 31st of October 2015.

If you’d like to ask any questions in the build up to our launch please contact us on any of the following e-mails. or .You can also send your images ready for print on October 31st 2015.

Keep an eye out for price listings and product updates in the coming days.

Thank you for your future support,

The Dad’s Place Team

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