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In addition to our empowering disability products and unique gifts, Devilishly Disabled writes blogs on disability news stories. We do this because we wish to publish our opinions on the news that impacts on those with disabilities.

As you can tell Devilishly Disabled is a little quirky! So we don’t always focus on disability news. Sometimes we write blogs about our adventures. We do this with the intention of empowering those with disabilities to try new  and exciting things.

We will always try to add humour to what can be a negative or bias news story, provide opinions  based on the facts presented and produce thought- provoking content.

If you have any comments on any of our news stories or wish to contact us with a story of your own, then we’d be delighted to hear from you.


Disability Blog

The DWP, Me and Iain Duncan Smith, That Man They Call An MP

I’d like to start by apologising to this article’s readers. Sadly the feel of trepidation that you will inevitably sense running through these words is very real. For, I am here to write about the benefit changes that are persecuting and su...

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Dad's Place Website Launch 31.10.2015

It is my great pleasure to announce the imminent launch of Dad’s place, the soon to be no.1 destination for unique and memorable gifts for dads and loved ones.

It is a privilege to have a great dad. It is a privilege to have a role model you r...

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An Interview With Me, Conducted By Him

The idea for this piece came from an interview on Miranda Hart, conducted by herself and published by the Daily Mail. I loved the interview because you got a real sense of the person behind the personality. Also despite her best efforts Miranda couldn...

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Disability Vs Reading Festival

Ask any disabled person for a list of what they most desire in life and you will probably find that independence ranks highly.  As such I surprised myself and many others by opting to sleep in a boggy field for four nights, in search of an ‘experien...

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Don’t Take My Baby – The Making of a Man

I have never been so compelled to write an article about a subject as I was with this one.  Nor have I ever felt so conflicted as to the message I wanted it to convey to its readers.  The clash of my internal thoughts on this subject has led to such ...

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Observations of Life By A Disabled Fruitcake

The Author -The idea of this book is to take its readers through the path of life, detailing every major landmark that the fortunate among us will face, whilst exhausting that most underused of human assets, humour.

Whilst readi...

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Modern Women

Summer has arrived and the captivating nature of the female form can take flight. For you see in summer a woman’s form becomes more spellbinding. In summer it appears exceptionally easy for a woman to create a seductive allure of elegance.  A single...

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Bude - Paradise or Prison?

Our spectacular coastal paradise will soon be awash with swarms of holiday makers. Enthused by our captivating surroundings and intrigued by our menagerie of independent stores, albeit whilst moving with the carelessness of an abnormally lackadaisical ...

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Disability, Unemployment and Token Gestures

Regardless of the fact that employment levels are up, there will be many people reading this article who understand the struggles faced when seeking employment. There will also be many reading this article who are currently unemployed and there will be...

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Entrepreneur or Mad Man?

My name is Matthew Emo, I have Cerebral Palsy and I am the founder of Devilishly Disabled Clothing.  When I was growing up the word entrepreneur was everywhere. The way in which the term was stylised led me to believe that all entrepreneurs are drivin...

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