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Our accident pro t-shirt is a hilarious and unique gift for those more accident prone friends and clumsy family members.  This design transcends disability, accidents can befall us all. One thing we know for sure is a sense of humour will be needed. For every accident prone friend there is another, willing to take the mickey out of the mishap. Making this t-shirt a great get well gift.

All of our humorous and empowering disability t-shirts are designed in Cornwall and Made in the UK.  With Free UK Delivery

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Of all our funny t- shirts, this is the one we’re most proud of. For our funny Accident Pro T-shirt design, transcends disability.

This design is about saying anybody can be unfortunate enough to have a fall, injure themselves and end up in a wheelchair, thus gaining an understanding of what its like to manage with  a disability so judge the way you’d wish to be.

Devilishly Disabled wants to change perceptions with its funny t-shirts,  designed to remove those barriers of uncertainty. We want there to be no more ‘oh, um, err what do I say to this person their in a wheelchair’ Every disabled person you meet will have a sense of humour, our designs urge you to look beyond the disability and see the individual within.

This message is perhaps most prevalent in our Accident Pro T-shirt as for a short time you may understand our mantra; ‘your disability does not define you for the body is just a vessel to allow you character and personality to shine through.’

Its also a funny birthday gift. Or perhaps a get well gift for those accident prone friends and family.

All t-shirts are created, produced and made in the UK and come with free UK delivery.

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