The Brand

The brand is about spreading a message of inclusion; it’s about removing the barriers and uncertainties surrounding disability. It’s about allowing a disabled person to be seen in a pub, club or out shopping and being able to say “hey this guy/girl clearly has a sense of humour”, I’m going to talk to them.

Far from being safe devilishly disabled tackles difficulties and reservations head on. We know with some that will make us unpopular, that to some our brand will be deemed derogatory. To those I say, “This is simply not the case, we aim to show people the awesomeness of an individual, irrespective of their difficulties. In fact, more than that we aim to show that very individual that despite their difficulties, they have characteristics within them which are indeed awesome.”

Behind the humour the brand will always carry a serious message and if you look for it you won’t have to try too hard to find it. We aim to make a lasting impact with our humour in the same way that every disabled person wishes to make an impact with theirs.

We are a brand which aims to give something back rather than just being humorous. We will donate regularly to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and to Cancer Research UK, though a t-shirt which houses a eulogy written, by myself, on a scroll to commemorate friends lost at a disrespectfully young age. These conditions may not discriminate but they do take some truly inspirational people far too young, before they have had the chance to live the lives they deserved.

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