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About us here at Devilishly Disabled Clothing.  Our edgy disability clothing brand has a simple mission, to empower those managing with disabilities, challenging them to display the character and sense of humour that those who love them can see everyday. Thus allowing others to see the awesomeness of the individual as opposed to their disability!

Matthew Emo- Founder of Devilishly Disabled Clothing

“I set this business up after being made redundant from my job as a lecturer in May 2014. During my time as a lecturer, I discovered that I get a huge sense of satisfaction from assisting people to be the best they can be. I have lost friends at a disrespectfully young age because of their disabilities. Friends who never had the chance to fulfil their potential. So my ideas and indeed my business are driven by a desire to tell an individual and the collective that you can succeed irrespective of your disability.” This is where my brand transcends disability and I hope to expand it beyond the reaches of the brand you see today.”

“I work with an immensely talented graphic designer, in Dean Wronowski, who takes my instructions, deciphers the jumbled up madness of my ideas for the character and turns them into something which is the bedrock of my brand.”

Above is the underlying message our edgy, new, empowering and humour filled brand wishes to convey. Devilishly Disabled of Bude, Cornwall, is risky; it deals with the everyday difficulties faced by those managing with disabilities and empowers them to say “hey we know we have problems but we deal with them using unrelenting humour, get to know us and you might just find that we are awesome.”

Our humour filled disability t-shirts carry a deeper message; after all,  the only way to change peoples perceptions of disability is to provide them with a different perspective of it and that starts with you.

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